"FAA Designated Engineering Representatives"

"FAA Designated Engineering Representatives"

Facilitating All Aircraft and Helicopters

(FAR 23, 25, 27, 29)

D.E.R. Associates LTD. offices are located in Mulvane, Kansas, the heart of the Midwest and just minutes from Wichita's Eisenhower Airport.



Do you need an RS DER to help with your Repair Specs?  You have come to the right place --- we have several RS DERs on staff, both for aircraft and helicopters --- just give us a call !!!

Specializing In

Engineering Modifications


- Antenna Installations

- Anti-Ice Modifications

- Flight Inspection Systems

- Camera Mods/Installations

- Aircraft Skin Modifications

- GPS Installations

- Structural Repair

- Wing/Leading Edge Mods

- Engine Conversion

- Certification / Conformity Issues

- Ergonomics

- Drafting and Engineering Service

- AFM and Manual Design

- Structural / Stress Analysis

Aircraft Interior/Exterior Mods


- Cabinet Mods/Installations

- Cargo/Baggage Installations

- Window Mods/Installations

T- able Modifications




Small Aircraft Part Design/Instl

STC / PMA Coordination &

Implementation   APU Modifications                                        DER / DAR Service

ELA Reports

Compliance Checklists

Project Coordination

Burn Testing

Paint Scheme Design

Export Assistance


DER Associates Ltd.

A. P.O. Box 220 Mulvane, KS 67110

P. 316-946-0125

E. jocy@faader.com